Springtime in Quarantine

in The Garden Club

Hi friends. So, this global pandemic was not part of our plan. Was it part of your plan? But, here we are. Here being at home. Feeling uncertain. Spring’s unfolding, however, is an enormous comfort. In all this madness one thing is still happening normally, and beautifully, as it always does. This is something we can depend on - the birds coming back, the grass greening up, and the seeds sprouting. Let’s lean into that.

We are here to help you grow the 2020 victory garden of your dreams. Make it monochromatic, or neon, or ombre. Make it all edible, or all ornamental, or all sentimental. Make it orderly and structured, or make it messy and overlapping. Go with your gut, whatever will make your heart sing when you step outside. 

If you’re new to gardening, we are here to answer your questions in real time. Ask us anything, really, we want to help. We’ll be gardening separately, but together, and it will be fun.

Our catalog is filled with lovingly (and organically) grown flowers and ornamental edible plants, so that your victory garden can feed your belly and your soul.

We are gardeners—optimists and alchemists. We make flowers and food; magic with our bare hands. Join us.

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