Spring Plant

Statice Suworowii Seeds
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Statice Suworowii is straight out of a Dr. Seuss dreamscape. Wriggles of fuzzy purple pink blooms are funky and whimsical and our absolute favorite.
  • HEIGHT24" when full grown
  • SPACING2" between seeds, thin to 9-12" between plants
  • LIGHTFull sun, or part-shade
  • ZONESelf seeding annual, zones 2-11

  • INCLUDES50 seeds

  • Botanical NamePsylliostachys suworowii
  • Common NameRat tail, Russian Statice
  • Spring Plant


    Statice Suworowii will make you smile, with it's wandering purple plumes. A favorite of kids (soft, perfect wands!) and has a modern sculptural look that pairs well with Love in a Mist.

    • DEER Deer resistant
    • KIDS+PETS Non-toxic
    • DIFFICULTY Super easy to grow
    • CLIMATE Heat loving
    • WATER Drought tolerant
    • INDOOR+POTS Grows well in containers outside

    How to Plant

    Tuck seeds 1/8" deep, 2" apart. Water gently and regularly as seedlings emerge over the next 2 wks. Once babies are 2” tall, pluck so there's just one per 12"

    Where to Plant

    Find a place that gets a decent amount of sun, and space plants about 12" apart.

    When to Plant

    Plant outside after your average last frost in the Spring.

    When to Expect Blooms

    Sweet, sweet Summertime.

    Care Instructions

    Water regularly until they get established, and then give them extra water during dry spells. Pick the flowers regularly (Bring the flowers in! Make bouquets! Have fun!) to encourage more blooms. And ask us any questions along the way.

    Extra Credit

    Plumes can be dried for all-season color.

    Statice Suworowii Seeds

    $6.00 $0.00 ( / )