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Plume and Furrow Dahlia Bundle
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Kim & Grant Hamil steward an acre of land in Lyons, CO, running their flower farm called Plume & Furrow. When it comes to flowers, we tend to think “the weirder the better” - this approach keeps things fresh, funky, and fun. They grow over two thousand dahlia plants per summer, and this dahlia bundle highlights their favorites.

Grow these Dahlias along with Kim and Grant and have your own curated bouquets all summer long!
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    • SHIPSBeginning mid-April, after your last frost

    • ZONEGrows everywhere in the USA (annual in zones 2-6, tender perennial in zones 7-11)

    • INCLUDES5 full clumps of tubers, with planting instructions and wooden plant markers: Sweet Nathalie, Mambo, Jowey Nicky, Totally Tangerine, Polka

    • Botanical NameDahlia pinnata
    Spring Plant


If this Dahlia Bundle was a mixtape, we'd play it all the time. Designed by Kim Hamil of Plume and Furrow. Five dahlia clumps, each in its own labeled cloth bag: Sweet Nathalie, Mambo, Jowey Nicky, Totally Tangerine and Polka Dahlias. It's funky - and we gotta have that funk. 

  • DEER Deer resistant
  • KIDS+PETS Mildly toxic, can irritate skin; petals edible
  • WATER Water regularly once it begins to grow
  • INDOOR+POTS Grows well in containers outside
  • HEIGHT3-5ft when full grown
  • SPACING 12" between plants
  • LIGHTFull sun, or part-shade

How to Plant

Dig a hole about 8-12" deep and mix in compost if you have it. For planting the clump whole, the tuber clump should be fully covered in dirt, but the stem should be sticking out. For planting a single tuber, lay the tuber on its side horizontally 2-4” deep. Cover with soil and gently compress to make your dahlias nice and snug. Mark the spot with support (a stake or tomato trellis works well) for the big blooms to come. Tubers are prone to rot, so only water if the soil is very dry, otherwise leave it be until it starts to grow.

Where to Plant

Find a place that gets mostly sun, and space plants about 12" apart.

When to Plant

Plant outside after your average last frost in the spring, when the ground has warmed. 

When to Expect Blooms

Mid-summer through frost. 

Care Instructions

Water regularly once they start to sprout, and then give them extra water during dry spells. Pick the flowers using a sharp tool (Bring the flowers in! Make bouquets! Have fun!) to encourage more blooms. They are sensitive to frost, so make sure to wait until any threat of frost has passed before planting outside. And ask us any questions along the way.

Extra Credit

When the plant is about 12" tall you can pinch it back, (which is to clip off the first main middle bud), so that the plant is encouraged to be bushier and more full of blooms as it matures. In places with mild climates, generally zones 7-10, Dahlias are tender perennials, but in places with freezing winters they are annuals. After your first frost, you can dig up your tubers and store them someplace cool and dark to replant the following spring. Our plant care page has detailed instructions on Dahlia digging, dividing, and storing.

Plume and Furrow Dahlia Bundle

$85.50 $0.00 ( / )