Libra Seed Bundle
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Balance is important to the Libra gardener. While we all know balance is a tough thing to achieve in life and in the landscape, the Libra achieves it. Your spirit flower, Cosmos, bring an upbeat calm wherever they go - they do well scattered among wild grasses, mixed into more manicured landscaping, or popped into planter boxes for some color. There is no more cozy or charming plant than the Cosmos; like the LIbra, they are a friend to all. Your Libra garden is easy and oh so sweet - peppered with the ephemeral beauty of Poppies paired with the sturdy color of the Cosmos. Balance. Beauty.

These are the seeds for your Libra garden.
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  • HEIGHT1-4 ft when full grown
  • SPACING9" between plants
  • LIGHTFull sun, or part-shade
  • ZONEGrows everywhere in the USA (annual, zones 2-11)

  • INCLUDES6 tubes of seeds: Lilac Pom Pom Breadseed Poppy, Bunny Tail Grass, White Perfume Nicotiana, Cats White Viola, Fata Morgana Scabiosa, Xanthos Cosmos

Spring Plant


The Libra garden grown from seed is a recipe for balancing quiet beauty with funk and fun- you won’t regret it, in a captivating yet calming color palette. 

Lilac Pom Pom Breadseed Poppy (a riot of arresting color), Bunny Tail Grass (so soft), White Perfume Nicotiana (enchanting), Cats White Viola (little friends), Fata Morgana Scabiosa (the perfect peach color), and Xanthos Cosmos (your spirit flower, obv, but in the most gentle honey-green color).  

Six types of seed tubes, individually packed in a little cotton bag, perfect for gifting, or keeping your potting bench organized (and stylish). Specific planting instructions are on each individual seed tube, but basic instructions are below.

  • DEER Deer resistant
  • KIDS+PETS Non-toxic
  • CLIMATE Likes warm summers
  • WATER Drought tolerant
  • INDOOR+POTSCan be grown in a container with support

How to Plant

Tuck seeds 1/8" deep, 2" apart. Water gently and regularly as seedlings emerge over the next 2 wks. Once babies are 2” tall, pluck so there's just one per 12"

Where to Plant

Find a place that gets a decent amount of sun, and space seeds 2" apart, thin plants to about 9" apart.

When to Plant

Plant outside after your average last frost in the spring.

When to Expect Blooms

Mid-summer through frost.

Care Instructions

Water regularly until they get established, and then give them extra water during dry spells. Pick the flowers regularly (Bring the flowers in! Make bouquets! Have fun!) to encourage more blooms. And ask us any questions along the way.

Libra Seed Bundle

$26.00 $0.00 ( / )