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Taurus Garden Kit: 15 Plants
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Grounded, earthy Taurus, of all the signs, you are natural gardeners! Committed- stubborn even- this temperament can work with the ups and downs of growing things and delight in the process. Your spirit flower is the Sunflower, as they take time and patience to get to the full glory but when you get there their pay off is big. But really you also vibe with Lisianthus, and Ferns, and Millet, and and and

These are the plants for your Taurus garden.
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  • SHIPSBeginning the first week of March, after your last frost date. If you want your plants earlier, (because you’re a risk-taker or have a greenhouse, for example), just email us and we’re happy to accommodate

  • ZONEGrows everywhere in the USA (annual, zones 2-11)

  • INCLUDES15 plants, each in a 2.5" diameter pot, 3 each of Hare’s Foot Fern, Corelli Yellow Lisianthus, Purple Majesty Millet, Spun Yellow Marigold, and Teddy Bear Sunflower

  • Spring Plant


The Taurus garden is full of plants that thrive on your delighted and detailed care, that wow you in turn with their incredibly unique blooms. 

This line-up capitalizes on your strengths and desires: Hare’s Foot Fern (for strangely good luck), Corelli Yellow Lisianthus, (a rose by any other name), Purple Majesty Millet, (moody torches!), Spun Yellow Marigold, (fragrant and huge blooms), and our fav, Teddy Bear Sunflower.

15 young plants, 3 of each of these five varieties, for you to grow the garden of your dreams: Hare’s Foot Fern, Corelli Yellow Lisianthus, Purple Majesty Millet, Spun Yellow Marigold, and Teddy Bear Sunflower.

  • SUN Full sun to part shade
  • HEIGHT Around 8ft when full grown
  • SPACING 3x5 ft of garden space, 9-12" between plants
  • DEER Deer resistant
  • KIDS+PETS Non-toxic
  • WATERWater regularly for more blooms
  • INDOOR+POTSGrows well in containers outside

How to Plant

Dig a hole twice the size of the root ball. Fill a little bit of the loose dirt back into the hole and tuck your plant in so the base of the stem is even with the top of the hole. Now fill in the rest of the soil around the roots, give the soft ground around the base of your new plant friend a few solid pats to compress the soil onto the roots, and a long, gentle drink of water.

Where to Plant

Find a place that gets a decent amount of sun, in well draining soil.

When to Plant

Avoid the heat of the day when planting — plant in the early morning, late afternoon, or by the light of the moon. Plant outside after your average last frost in the spring.

When to Expect Blooms

Blooms late spring through fall.

Care Instructions

Water regularly until they get established, and then give them extra water during dry spells. Pick blooms to encourage more. 

Extra Credit

Mix and match in containers!

Taurus Garden Kit: 15 Plants

$120.00 $0.00 ( / )