Spring Bloom
Fall Plant

Boomer Bulb Bundle
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The Boomer Bulb Bundle: This garden thinks you should visit more often, bakes pie from scratch, and always Replies All. This garden is whimsical at just the right times. This garden has garden parties. You want what this garden has.
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  • ZONEPerennial, zones 3-8
  • SHIPPING Beginning in fall

  • INCLUDES36 bulbs, 3 varieties, 12 bulbs per variety, each in a cloth bag with a wooden plant marker: Mini Triandura Thalia Daffodil, Giant Snowflake, and Super Parrot Tulip

Spring Bloom
Fall Plant


3 bags of 12 bulbs, 36 bulbs total: Mini Triandura Thalia Daffodil, Giant Snowflake, and Super Parrot Tulip.

Green and White all day long - classic and classy. This curated collection of three types of fall planted bulbs grow perfectly together. Plant in the fall for a fragrant, low maintenance, put-together spring garden.

  • HEIGHT 12-20"
  • SPACING 1-3" between bulbs
  • LIGHT Full sun or part-shade
  • DEER Daffodils are deer resistant, and will protect the tulips
  • KIDS+PETS Snowflakes are toxic, tulips and daffodils are not
  • CLIMATE Needs freezing winter temps to bloom
  • WATER Only needs supplemental water in very dry conditions
  • INDOOR+POTSGrows well in containers outside

How to Plant

Dig a hole and tuck your bulbs in, pointy side up, about 6" deep (roughly 3 times the size of the bulbs) and about 3" apart. You can plant them closer for a fuller display, but be sure the bulbs don't touch. Now fill in the soil, give it a few solid pats so it compresses around the bulbs, then give it a long drink of water. Mark that pot or spot with your wooden plant marker so you know where your flowers live now. Wait for spring. 

Where to Plant

Find a place that gets at least partial sun; 4 or more hours a day.

When to Plant

If planting in a cold region, plant in the fall, anytime before the ground freezes for the last time. If planting in a warm region, (zones 9 and warmer), place your bulbs in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator, in the bags they came in, by themselves (without other produce). Remove from fridge after at least 6 weeks and plant in late winter.

When to Expect Blooms

Mid spring

Care Instructions

Water when soil is dry, once leaves appear.

Extra Credit

If planting in a container, be sure the pot has ample drainage. Fill the bottom 2-3" of the pot with pebbles to prevent clogging. Wait for the foliage to wilt and turn yellow before clipping it back late spring, so that the bulb can store energy for the next year's blooms. When picking flowers for bouquets, be sure to leave at least one leaf per plant.

Boomer Bulb Bundle

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