Fall Plant

Iris Midnight Treat
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Iris are plants for the artist's garden, with striking blooms on tall stately stalks that intrigue from every angle and come in every color way imaginable. They are perfect for cutting, and spread gracefully to cover ever more garden space each year.
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  • HEIGHT24-36"
  • SPACING12-24" between plants
  • LIGHTFull sun to part shade
  • ZONEPerennial zones 3-8

  • INCLUDES3 large bare root plants and a wooden plant marker

  • Botanical NameIris Germanica
Fall Plant


The Bearded Iris Midnight Treat has deep purple and dark black petals, with large 4-6" blooms for a major moody statement in the late spring garden.

  • DEER Deer resistant
  • KIDS+PETS Toxic
  • CLIMATE Likes full sun or afternoon shade
  • WATER Drought tolerant
  • INDOOR+POTS Grows well in containers

How to Plant

Iris roots should be planted in the early fall. The most important thing here is - don't plant your new friend too deep or it won't flower! The rhizome looks like a bit of a long potato and has roots growing down from it, and the green foliage (which may be brown - this is normal) growing up. You want to plant it with the roots buried and pointing down, and the foliage growing up. The bulb part - the rhizome - should be about 5% visible above the soil line - do not bury it all the way. Now give your plant a good wish, a few solid pats to compress the soil around it, and a long drink of water.

Where to Plant

Find a place with good well-draining soil (this is the most important part - the roots are prone to rot) and that gets a decent amount of sun. Space plants about 12-24" apart. They will spread and multiply gradually.

When to Plant

Plant within a day or two of receiving your root.

When to Expect Blooms

For a couple of glorious weeks in the early Summer. 

Care Instructions

Water deeply every couple of weeks during dry spells for the first year, being mindful not to over-water since Iris are prone to rot. After the first year they do not need any supplemental water.

Extra Credit

If you have hot Summers, the Iris will still bloom well with some afternoon shade, and you can bury the rhizome almost completely to protect it from the heat. 

Iris Midnight Treat

$27.00 $27.00 ( / )