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Japanese Bottlebrush
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Japanese Bottlebrush, like your favorite t-shirt, is reliable, easy-breezy, and goes with everything, year after year after year.
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  • SHIPS Beginning in April, after your last frost date

  • ZONEPerennial zones 2-10

  • INCLUDES3 large bare roots, planting instructions, and a wooden plant marker

  • Common NameSanguisorba obtusa
Spring Plant
Fall Plant


Japanese Bottle Brush is not only adorable with its fuzzy pink caterpillar flowers, that sway in the breeze over a tuft of minty-green foliage, but it's perennial, a tidy grower, takes very little maintenance, resists bugs and critters, doesn't mind afternoon shade, and has read the entire Harry Potter series - twice.

  • SPACING2-4ft between plants
  • LIGHTFull sun
  • HEIGHT3ft when full grown
  • DEER Deer resistant
  • KIDS+PETS Non-toxic
  • CLIMATEPrefers hot weather for blooming, but is frost tolerant when dormant
  • WATER Regular water
  • INDOOR+POTSIn-ground or in a container outdoors

How to Plant

Soak your Bottlebrush root in room temperature water for about 2-4 hours to re-hydrate it before planting. Dig a hole about twice the size of the root (or choose a pot about 3 times the size of the root), then fill it back in a bit so that you place the roots on soft soil, fanning them out gently at a depth just below the surface of the ground or rim of the pot. Fill in the hole around your Bottlebrush with the remaining soil, tucking in the roots gently, so that the top of your plant (the crown) is level to the surface. The eyes should be covered by ½” - 2” of soil. Now give your roots a few solid pats to compress the soil around it, a long drink of water, and stick your Plantgem marker on the spot so you’ll remember where your new friend lives now.

Where to Plant

Find a place with good, well-draining soil that gets mostly sun. Space plants about 24" apart.

When to Plant

Plant roots within a few days of receiving, once the soil has warmed in the spring and there is no threat of frost or cold weather.

When to Expect Blooms

Sweet, sweet summertime.

Care Instructions

Japanese Bottlebrush like consistent watering. Stick your finger in the dirt on a regular basis to check for even moisture!

Extra Credit

Allow foliage to die back before cutting in the fall.

Japanese Bottlebrush

$24.00 $0.00 ( / )