Spring Plant

Shady Planter Kit: 9 Plants
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We see you, shade gardener. We know it isn't easy, planting in the shadows. This container kit is for you.
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  • SHIPSBeginning in March, after your last frost date

  • ZONEGrows everywhere in the USA (annual, zones 2-11)

  • INCLUDES9 plants, each in a 2.5" diameter pots, 3 each of Hare's Foot Fern, Freckles Viola, Cats White Viola

  • Spring Plant


With the Hare's Foot Fern waving high in the middle, the Freckles and Cats White Violas, small and mighty, up front, popping out hither and yon, this pack of shady babies will love to chill together in that shadowy, sweet spot of yours.

  • SUN Full shade, or part sun/span>
  • HEIGHT 1-2ft when full grown
  • SPACING 6-9" between plants
  • CLIMATE Mild to moderate temps and humidity
  • DEER Deer resistant
  • KIDS+PETS Non-toxic
  • WATER Water regularly
  • INDOOR+POTSIn ground or outdoors in pots

How to Plant

Dig a hole twice the size of the root ball. Fill a little bit of the loose dirt back into the hole and tuck your plant in so the base of the stem is even with the top of the hole. Now fill in the rest of the soil around the roots, give the soft ground around the base of your new plant friend a few solid pats to compress the soil onto the roots, and a long, gentle drink of water.

Where to Plant

Find a place that gets mostly shade, but part sun is good too.

When to Plant

Avoid the heat of the day when planting — plant in the early morning, late afternoon, or by the light of the moon. Plant outside after your average last frost in the Spring.

When to Expect Blooms

Spring through frost.

Care Instructions

Water regularly until they get established, and then give them extra water during dry spells. 

Extra Credit

We recommend glazed ceramic or plastic containers, for their ability to hold moisture longer. Don't let the dirt dry out on these babes!

Shady Planter Kit: 9 Plants

$72.00 $0.00 ( / )