Growing a Pet Amaryllis

Growing a Pet Amaryllis

When you receive your bulb you may be surprised by it’s somewhat off-putting appearance. We are big into ugly ducklings around here, so trust the process. 

Pop it out of the bag and find a pot of your choosing. You can also use a glass vase or even a large mouth jar to force these bulbs, the important thing is that the roots are reaching for water. You don’t want the bulb itself to touch water so just settle it on stones or suspended just above water so no rot occurs. If you are planting it in soil, you want a container that is just a bit larger than the bulb to keep it steady as it grows and the soil will cover ⅔ of the bulb so you can still see the top.

Now, place it somewhere where it can get some natural sunlight and let it do it’s thing.

It can take up to 8 weeks to get blooms, so be patient (some will bloom sooner- these guys are magical mystery tours) and when they do bloom they can get a bit top heavy so you can always support them with a little stick or ruler or whatever you have lying around if they need it. 

Enjoy these gorgeous winter blooms and dream of spring:)

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