Meet The Founders

Willow King and Julie Carson, casual gardeners and fashion hounds, set out to create a gardening store that suited their tastes, and the result feels like a little breath of fresh air in the gardening world. Curated, on-trend, eco, unique, delightful packaging, on-point customer service, the whole package.

Inspired by the bio-diversity of plants, Plantgem makes the hard to find but easy to grow gems available for the first time to the home gardener. You don't want a garden that looks like everyone else, you want a garden that looks like you!

We are fed by the imperfect and unpredictable side of gardening. We prefer to garden loose and wild and funky. Sometimes our gardens look magical, and sometimes it's all a mess, and often it's a lot of both. We nibble on our flowers, we dye our stained tank tops in vats of marigolds, we live and learn.


Gardening is healing, and hopeful, and should be accessible to everyone.

For our part, we donate to gardening programs for inmates in federal prisons and to inner-city gardens.

Our Plants

Our artfully curated selection of plants includes many on-trend plants that are not available anywhere else. We work with farmer-florists to make sure the newest and most sought after plants (the gems, shall we say?) are available for your garden.

Our Vision

Together, and with you, we are creating a home for home gardeners. A place to source beautiful plants, inspiration, and advice. A place to wax poetic about the meditative pleasures of weeding, and to get specific about just when exactly we're supposed to trim those fruit trees.

In Pursuit of the Dusty Rose: An Origin Story

Both aspiring gardeners, Willow and Julie started this business because they could not find the unique flowers they were seeing their favorite florists use.

They wanted to plant dusty roses, pale poppies and scarlet sunflowers in their gardens. They wanted to browse, ask questions, get ideas, and shop from the convenience of their homes. They wanted someone to answer their questions about how much water and sun their new plants needed and how long until they should expect blossoms. They wanted Plantgem.