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A Little Bit About Us

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    Casual gardeners and fashion hounds, Julie & Willow set out to create a gardening store that suited their tastes. Curated, unexpected, beautiful plants plus perfect accessories and a friendly vibe.

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  • Meet the

    We scour the world for unique, beautiful plants. We grow them up to a sturdy size and ship them to you from our greenhouses in Florida. We love our plants and ascribe them musical preferences, as you do.

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  • Meet the

    We love to garden (text us your Q's anytime, we also love to chat!), and we believe in the theraputic value of tending the earth (we donate every season to prison gardens and the like, to help everyone have that).

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Gorgeous, robust flowers from seeds, plantings or bulbs. They are beautiful additions to any garden. Customer service is impeccable and the owners really care about you, the quality and buyer satisfaction.”

Lisa Alvarado
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