February 19—March 20

Romantic, dreamy Pisces you were born right on the brink of spring’s glory- perfect garden planning time.

For your sensitive soul, we want to offer you everything delicate, beautiful, and soothing.

Feathertop grasses waving in the wind, Flamingo Feather Celosia- easy to grow and long lasting pink plumes to delight the senses, and bunny tail grass to run your fingers though.

They are beautiful at first glance but once you get to know these guys (both Pisces and anemones) the subtle layers really begin to reveal themselves. The Blue Meron anemone feels like the perfect Pisces project. They are planted in the fall so patience is required but once they grow they are tough, productive, early blooming and have a long vase life. Their color glows from the center outwards, just like you, Pisces person.

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