LEO: July 23—August 22


Leo’s shine bright and dig deep, and need a garden to match. Music, art, fashion and.. you guessed, Dahlias.

These boisterous summer darlings are big, beautiful and come in every size and color. For you, we suggest most extra of these already-extra blooms. The Vulcan, Bristol stripe, or huge and hot pink Cafe au Lait Rose? So fun.

Remember these get planted as tubers, so they will look like little potatoes when you get them but just you wait.

Golden saffron. Without it, an Indian curry or a Spanish paella just wouldn't be the same. Exotic, delicious, luxurious- you like those things, right Leo? 

Wait for it: It takes hundreds of flowers to produce a commercially useful amount of saffron, however, for  the home gardener, two dozen Saffron Crocus will supply enough of the precious spice in the first year for a few killer dishes and with each successive year, the corms will multiply providing you with more spicy stigmas each year. How dope is that? Also the lil purple flowers are adorable. Happy planting/cooking.

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