December 22—January 19

Capricorn gardeners, you guys are so badass. You are committed, pragmatic, responsible humans with a pinch of competition thrown in for good fun. Your gardens are productive and you never shy away from challenges. I have a present for you. It’s carnations!!

Greek mythology legend has it the Goddess Diana came upon a shepherd boy and took a liking to him. But the boy, for some reason, turned her down. Diana ripped out his eyes and threw them to the ground where they sprouted into the carnation flower.

These flowers are rad. King of Blacks do look rather like the color of blood, and the Chabaud the first flush of love.

Muscari, muscari, muscari. These darlings pop their heads up while everyone else is still sleeping in early spring. They manage to be sturdy but dainty at the same time, a Capricorn magic trick. The subtle blue of the Valerie Finnis has our hearts but the Pink Sunrise are so cool too! These guys will naturalize so the love will continue to spread. The bulbs are also the cutest.

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