October 24—November 21

Scorpios can be hard to get to know but once you do, you can’t live without them. Their flower parallel? Lisianthus.

Lisis, as we have nicknamed them, are intricate, gorgeous plants and the cut blooms bring many weeks of beauty to your bouquets. The trick? They require loyalty, which Scorpios have in spades. They take a long time to germinate (but don’t worry, we do that part for you) and once you plant them they require consistent feeding and watering.

With TLC these beauties will elevate your garden with multiple bloomings.

There is a common misconception about Scorpios and secrets. First of all, what is so bad about secrets? Secret Garden anyone? (big fans!) Quiet, internal depth can be read as reclusive but we think, like the Caramel Bordeaux Anemone, that soft velvety reflection makes the world more mysterious and sexy. Don’t take our word for it- get some corms and try it yourselves. Also the Mistral Tigre and Mistral Rarity are to die for.

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