November 22—December 21

Sagittarius, dear Sag, you are a fireball of intelligence and intensity. To that end, we are going to throw you a curveball and suggest you pepper your garden this year with some lacy grace and sensitivity. We do *not* say this to suggest you need more of a light touch, but we do think it is always fun to play with plants that bring elements of surprise into our lives:)

Mimosa Pudica is a creeping annual that gets little purple sunburst flowers and the leaves will close if you touch them. Kids love them! Lacy Chocolate Lace flowers provide sweet little umbrellas of blossoms, shade for a toad. Finally, Grace Godetia lends a graceful sparkle of color.

V for victory, Sagittarius! And the Winston Churchill Narcissus has your number. Churchill was a Sag, exemplifying vision and ability to see the bigger picture but this cluster of fragrant blooms offers a unique take on the bold, strategic style of the Sagittarian gardeners.  An element of innocence, purity, delight and natural process that replenish these hard workers. Sit back, relax and let your garden grow.

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