May 21—June 21

Gemini doubles the fun (insert twin emoji). You need color, charisma and class in your garden. Yes, and +++

First, we're going to suggest some sharp and beautifully crafted Japanese secateurs to tuck in your apron- making the process easier.

But mostly: Zinnias. These hardy, fast growing bursts of color bring unique shape and style to every garden and also happily mix in with veggies, as Geminis often like to get two things done at once:) Queen lime with blotch, Oklahoma Salmon, Cresto Violet- all of them really, why not?

Minnow daffodils grow with this adorable cluster of blossoms so no one bloom ever feels alone. So with you, oh multidimensional Gemini gardener. You like variations and a playful space to rest and weed and tend. Daffodils are just the thing- so many varieties to love, but these little clusters are reminiscent of you social butterflies. Good conversation abounds. Also check out the bell song, and the mini thalia- bundles of joy!

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