August 23—September 22

Particular and precise, Virgo gardens can be amongst the most orderly and tidy- a delight to behold (hard work too!) and for all that effort we suggest a reward: eat your flowers.
Virgo, have your garden and eat it too! Our edible gardens provide spice, fragrance and color for your summer cocktails, cakes and salads.

German Chamomile, Salmon Nasturtium and Bronze snapdragon. Delicious, beautiful, well-earned.

Virgo gardeners appreciate symmetry, pattern and consistency. Frittilaria Meleagris (also known as snake head Frittilaria (because of the incredibly cool pattern on the bloom) grows well in containers which can be a fun way to accent a porch or smaller outdoor area. They are special, concise, timely and reliable. What’s not to love? Match made in heaven.

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