The founders of Plantgem dish on what makes them tick and what makes their catalog unlike any other

in the hot house

“‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty’—that is all 

Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” 

-John Keats from Ode on a Grecian Urn

You know those moments when you see something so special that you feel this inexplicable desire to follow it anywhere to understand more? That is how we felt when we started seeing all these incredibly beautiful, funky, weird flowers showing up at high end florists, on instagram, at Farmer’s Markets in bouquets with unique splashes of color and wonky blossom shapes. We wanted to know more, we wanted to know them all, we wanted to grow these friends in our own backyards. 

So.. at Plantgem, we have been on an in depth  journey with breeders, flower farmers, seed savers, hybrid creators and with home growers just like you to curate a catalog of flowers for the home gardener that are hearty, relatively easy to grow and that delight with their quirky, unique habits, colors and histories. 

Breadseed poppies that look like they just stepped out of the Land of Oz, with gorgeous petals as thin and delicate as crepe paper whose rich seeds have long been eaten as an ingredient of longevity. Kinamaru peonies that look like a Jackson Pollock peppermint twist, Strawberry Blonde marigolds from France that add blushy petals to salads, elegance to your altar and character to your summer/fall garden, indigo seeds for dying giving old tee shirts new life. 

We are committed to finding the coolest, oddest, most fun, most elegant options for your home garden whether it be on a fire escape in Red Hook or a wide open field in Indiana. Let us obsess for you- all you have to do is choose.