Tiny Terrace? Want a stunning container garden? NP.

Tiny Terrace? Want a stunning container garden? NP.

Hi friends with small spaces, we know sometimes it can be hard to choose what to grow and where to grow it.

We have some very special flowers to keep you company no matter where you live. The main thing to be aware of is if you have a shady nook or a sunny spot for your container, as the happiness of your flowers will depend on that. Choose a container that you like- terracotta is classic, plastic is cheap and cheerful, metal looks punk rock but can get hot.  Once you have a container add some good, rich soil- organic potting soil works great with a little compost for good measure. Once you have all the parts, fill the container all the way up to give everyone the most room to root and grow.

So- container, soil and now- ta da!

A few recommended gems for you.

For the shady spots we are wild about ferns. They evoke fairies, elves, misty waterfalls, dipping pools. Basically Narnia on your doorstep. We love the maidenhair in particular but we never met a fern we didn’t like. Next, in keeping with the theme of magic spells, violas. You can eat them, take baths with them, leave them on stranger’s doorsteps to make a love spell. You get the idea. They are darling and I’m not just saying this because I have them, but freckles are the best! Piece de resistance is the Delft Blue love in a mist. It has delicate white petals brushed with a watercolor wash of blue. They are super easy to grow and give hundreds of flowers all summer long.  As the flowers fade, the seed capsule expands into a deep purple crown that you can dry and save forever. This garden is delicate, elegant, undemanding and rewarding. Win!

If you have a sunny spot there are so many possibilities and many of our annuals will thrive in the warmth but we have a special collection to really make your container pop. Like any good exchange student romance, we have fallen hard for this Aussie native. Ptilotus (formal name) we call it Joey improved is a hunk. It has sculptural spires of fat, feathery silver-pink flowers and it's lush silver-green foliage is also beautiful. Joey does great in a container as a specimen plant and it can also be cut and dried for arrangements. To balance the handsome drama of the Joey we suggest the moonstone asters. Bear with me here: Asters have a long history- Ancient Greeks liked them and the Victorians loved them. In Victorian England, floriography (coded communication through the exchange of flowers- a form of communication we are hell bent on bringing back) was all the rage and asters, with their wide range of colors, were the perfect medium. Purple asters represented wisdom and royalty, and were the most popular variety. Send yourself a love letter with these purple branching beauties- be your own Brigerton! Last but never least, kirigami oregano is a decorative variety that is perfect for containers. It has fluffy flower clusters, with rose tip flowers and light green foliage. It smells amazing and attracts pollinators. This plant is dense and has a slightly trailing habit that can spill over the sides of your container. You can also dry these and the flowers actually get a bit more pink upon drying.

A key element of containers is getting the water right. You will need to water frequently for the sunny container and stay consistent with the shade dwellers. Each garden kit comes with specific directions and you can always reach out to our plant therapist if you have specific questions. 

Grow on you tiny dancers. 











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