Wallpaper of the Month ~ May

Wallpaper of the Month ~ May

*NSYNC wasn’t lying, and now it is truly May! Depending on what zone you live in you may be inundated with flowers or perhaps still eagerly awaiting those early bloomers such as daffodils or muscari. 

If you find yourself surrounded with blooms, tag us or send us your pics! We love to see how it’s going. And if you’re still waiting on yours to open their beauty up to the world, it’s okay! We promise your spring blooms will come in full force soon.

In the meantime, we’re delighted to share this month’s wallpaper. May’s wallpaper of the month features the lovely ‘Megan Dean’ Dahlia. We love how sweet this purple to pink pastel is; it reminds us of all things soft – tufty grasses, highland cattle calves, the aroma of apple-blossom, and tender beginnings. 

Download our May 2022 desktop here, and phone wallpaper here

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