Amaryllis Care

Amaryllis Care

Receiving and Planting

Baby, it’s cold outside. The annuals have gone to seed. Your roots and bulbs are planted.Time to grow some flowers indoors! Amaryllis can be potted in soil. Choose a container that is just a little bit bigger than the bulb itself and leave the top third of the bulb above the soil. Water the soil deeply after planting, and then not again until it begins to grow. You can also grow your Amaryllis without soil, you just need a way to stabilize the bulb above the water. The easiest way to do this is to put a 3" layer of stones in a glass container, add the bulb after trimming off any dried roots so only the plump white roots remain, then layer in more stones to stabilize the bulb. Add water until it reaches just below the bulb - you want the roots to grow into the water, but the bulb itself should not touch the water or it will rot. Keep the water level just below the bulb, and you can change out the water every week or two to keep it fresh.

Sun, Soil, Water


Place your bulb on or near a windowsill, preferably East or South facing, where your cat won’t knock it over. If you are planting numerous bulbs in one container, space bulbs about 1" apart. If planting in dirt, use an indoor potting soil mix. Put pebbles over the soil to keep the dirt in place. Plus, it just looks way cuter and more polished that way, and ‘tis the season to keep your home decor en pointe.

Flower and Foliage

Two to three stalks of multiple blooms, about eight weeks after planting.

Problem Solving

Take care that the bulb is not in contact with the standing water if growing without soil, and if potting in soil, do not over-water as the bulb is prone to rot - the soil should be kept just barely damp. Indoor plants can attract fruit flies and fungus. Air circulation is important. If it’s too chilly to open the window, let a little fan blow gently on your flowers from time to time. Treat foliage with neem oil spray. Place a vinegar trap for the flies nearby if needed. The tall stalks with large blooms are top-heavy. Rotating your growing container regularly will help your bulb grow straight, as it will lean towards its light source. Adding a little stick to support the blooms can help as well.

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