Fall Bulbs Care

Fall Bulbs Care

Receiving and Planting

Hey, hey! You’ve got a bag full of bulbs! When you’re ready to plant, (no rush, but before your ground freezes solid for the winter), dig holes about 3 times as deep as the bulb is tall and 3” apart, mixing in some compost if you like. Stick the bulbs in, one per hole, with the pointy end sticking up. You can plant them closer for a fuller display, but be sure the bulbs don't touch. Now fill in the soil, give it a few solid pats so it compresses around the bulbs, then give it a long drink of water.  Stick your Plantgem marker in the middle of the area so you remember where your bloomers will pop up. Sit back, brew some tea, and wait for the springtime show.

Sun, Soil, Water

They need sun, but can thrive in dappled light and part shade. Consider that a spot under a leafy tree might be sunny in the early spring, before the leaves grow back in. They aren't too picky about soil quality, but avoid water-logged areas, as the bulbs will rot. They only need supplemental water if it’s very dry. Their bulbs hold the water and food they need.

Flowers and Foliage

Most of our spring flowering bulb buddies bloom just once, so picking the flowers will not encourage more blooms - but don’t let that discourage you! They do very well in vases. Cut back the withered foliage once it turns yellow in the summer - wait as long as you can, so the bulbs can store up as much sunlight power as possible. If you want to plant them elsewhere next season, or you plan to plant other flowers in the area that need lots of water, you can dig them up, dry them out for a few days, and store them somewhere cool and dry. Otherwise, just let them be. Blow them a kiss - see you next spring, friends!

Problem Solving

Fortunately, bulbs aren’t fussy. As long as they get a little bit of sun, plenty of soil drainage, and room to spread, they’ll take care of themselves from there. Your biggest issue will be critters eating them. Plant in containers to prevent moles and voles from eating the bulbs underground. Try a homemade spicy spray or protect the plants or wire fencing to keep the deer and bunnies at a bay. Keep fungus and bad bugs away with neem oil spray or a veggie-safe anti-fungal+anti-pest product. Gently water/rinse the foliage in the evening or when it is in the shade, and let it dry before applying. Pull those weeds from around your gems, dear friends. It's therapeutic.

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