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Pink Cutting Garden Kit: 15 Plants
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An easy-to-grow tone-on-tone pink cutting garden, including 15 plants (3 per variety). We chose this combo for the mix of colors and textures, to keep your bouquets interesting but cohesive.
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  • SHIPSBeginning the first week of March, after your last frost date. If you want your plants earlier, (because you’re a risk-taker or have a greenhouse, for example), just email us and we’re happy to accommodate

  • ZONEGrows everywhere in the USA (annual, zones 2-11)

  • INCLUDES15 plants in 2.5" pots, 3 each of Love in a Mist Delft Blue, Roseanne Brown Lisianthus, Blue Glitter Eryngium, Potomac Dark Orange Snapdragons, and Zinderella Peach Zinnias

  • Spring Plant


The Century Pink Celosia gives a neon-mohawk vibe, the Apricot Lemonade Cosmos have a dusty mauve undertone, so we're already off to a great start. Grace Salmon Godetia is so unique, its petals gleams and have a delicate wildflower-like quality to it. Potomac Appleblossom Snapdragon lends height, and the light blush petals with honey-pink centers provides a gentle contrast to the more vivid pinks in this collection. The Senora Zinnia have a funky, structural shape, with a cactus style bloom in a pink-bordering-on salmon color. Ah, they all look so lovely together, and will create a beautiful cutting garden in a cohesive colorway.

Includes 15 young plants, 3 of each of these five varieties, for you to grow the garden of your dreams: Century Pink Celosia, Apricot Lemonade Cosmos, Grace Salmon Godetia, Potomac Appleblossom Snapdragons, Senora Zinnia.

  • SUN Full sun to part shade
  • HEIGHT Around 4ft when full grown
  • SPACING 9-12" between plants
  • DEER Deer resistant
  • KIDS+PETS Non-toxic
  • WATERWater regularly for more blooms
  • INDOOR+POTS Grows well in containers outside.

How to Plant

Dig a hole twice the size of the root ball. Fill a little bit of the loose dirt back into the hole and tuck your plant in so the base of the stem is even with the top of the hole. Now fill in the rest of the soil around the roots, give the soft ground around the base of your new plant friend a few solid pats to compress the soil onto the roots, and a long, gentle drink of water.

Where to Plant

Find a place that gets a decent amount of sun, in well draining soil.

When to Plant

Avoid the heat of the day when planting — plant in the early morning, late afternoon, or by the light of the moon. Plant outside after your average last frost in the spring.

When to Expect Blooms

Blooms late spring through fall.

Care Instructions

Water regularly until they get established, and then give them extra water during dry spells. Pick blooms to encourage more. 

Extra Credit

Plant your Godetia towards the front of your garden, and your Snapdragons towards the back.

Pink Cutting Garden Kit: 15 Plants

$120.00 $0.00 ( / )