Neon Amaryllis Bulb

Neon Amaryllis are like no other. We're talking four hot pink 6" blooms smack dab in the middle of winter. File this one under 'need'.

Amaryllis, in Greek, means, "to sparkle" and you'll see why. It's a lovely hat-trick to liven up the indoor months and create a little living magic after the garden has been put to bed. Give the bulb a bright warm spot and a bit of water, and watch your new friend grow!

Includes 1 bulb in a cloth bag with a wooden label stake.
Plant Info
1-2" between bulbs
Bright indoor light
Grow indoors anywhere, anytime
Kids & Pets
Super easy to grow
Grow indoors in a warm bright spot
Keep the soil lightly and evenly moist once the bulbs starts to grow
Indoor & Pots
Grow in a container indoors
Growing Info
How to Plant Stick in the dirt 1/4" deep, 2" apart. Water gently & regularly as seedlings emerge over the next 2 weeks. Once babies are 2” tall, pluck so there's just one per 12"
Where to Plant Find a place that gets mostly sun, good soil is not important to this one
When to Plant Early spring, or late fall if winters are mild. Sow directly into garden
When to Expect Blooms All summer!
Care Instructions Water regularly once established, and pick the flowers regularly (Bring the flowers in! Make bouquets! Have fun!) to encourage more blooms
Extra Credit Lace Flower will readily self seed in poor soil if left to go to seed. Also, a good dye plant!
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