Café Au Lait Dahlia

The Café au Lait Dahlias are glamorous lookers, with creamy white petals with taupe undertones going just everywhere, in that 'perfectly unkempt' way. It's the flower version of beach hair. Huge dinnerplate (7-10" diameter!) blooms will blow your mind.

Each plant grows tons of huge dinnerplate (literally as big as a dinner plate) blooms reaching 7-10" diameter. Long vase life, sturdy stems, and a seemingly never-ending grow season make any and all Café au Lait Dahlias a must grow for beginner sprouters and rusty-hoe-dirt-pros alike.

Dahlias are towering beauties of the summer garden, coming into bloom around mid-summer to steal the show with a stunning array of colors and shapes.

Includes one full tuber clump and a wooden label stake.

Plant Info
Botanical Name
Dahlia pinnata
4 ft when full grown
12" between plants
Full sun or part shade
Grows everywhere in the USA (annual in zones 2-6, tender perennial in zones 7-11)
Kids & Pets & Deer
Mildly toxic to pets, however the petals (and tubers!) are edible. Deer Resistant
Water regularly once it begins to grow
Indoor & Pots
Grows well in containers outside
Growing Info
How to Plant Dig a hole about 8-12" deep and mix in compost if you have it. For planting the clump whole, the tuber clump should be fully covered in dirt, but the stem should be sticking out. For planting a single tuber, lay the tuber on its side horizontally 2-4" deep. Cover with soil and gently compress to make your dahlias nice and snug. Mark the spot with support (a stake or tomato trellis works well) for the big blooms to come. Tubers are prone to rot, so only water if the soil is very dry, otherwise leave it be until it starts to grow.
Where to Plant Find a place that gets mostly sun, and space the tubers about 12" apart
When to Plant Late spring once the soil has warmed up
When to Expect Blooms Late summer until your first hard frost
Care Instructions Water regularly once they start to sprout, and then give them regular water. Pick the flowers regularly to encourage more blooms. They are sensitive to frost, so make sure to wait until any threat of frost has passed before planting outside
Extra Credit When the plant is about 12" tall you can pinch it back, (which is to clip off the first main middle bud), so that the plant is encouraged to be bushier and more full of blooms as it matures. After your first frost, you can dig up your tubers and store them someplace cool and dark to replant the following spring. Our plant care page has detailed instructions on Dahlia digging, dividing, and storing
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Ask a Question
  • When can I plant cafe Autum lai t dahlias in south Louisiana, zone 10

    Hi there! Early March is best for your zone.

  • Is it too late to plant cafe au lait in the Napa Valley va area?

    Hi there, 
    No there is still time! Just pop it in the ground and you should see blooms late summer.

  • Snapdragon planting - should I plant them with the wrapper around the roots or pull that part off first?

    Just leave that wrapper on, the roots will grow right through it and it's totally natural and biodegradable!

  • How many tubers are included within the order?

    A clump of tubers can usually be divided at least twice, the exact number of tubers in the clump really varies though!