Iconia Lemon Berry Begonia Plants

Shade-loving begonias will brighten your life. Great for hanging baskets and window boxes. They are enchantingly pretty, reliably easy growers, and will always remember your birthday. Make them your new friend.

This begonia is anything but basic. This begonia is extra. She's a double bloomer, with gentle yellow-pink petals, but fierce, deep green and chartreuse variegated leaves. This begonia loves the shade but will bloom all spring, summer, and autumn long. This begonia mounds, trails, and grows great in beds or pots. This begonia's power animal is Lady Gaga. Do you have a place on your patio that doesn't get sun but you'd like to look totally fabulous? Great - get this begonia. You'll love it.

Includes three young plants, grown in 2.5” diameter pots.

Plant Info
Botanical Name
12" when full grown
9" between plants
Full shade or part sun
Grows everywhere in the USA (annual, zones 2-11)
Kids & Pets & Deer
Non-toxic, and Deer Resistant
Cold hardy and heat tolerant
Water regularly
Indoor & Pots
Grows well in containers outside
Growing Info
How to Plant Dig a hole twice the size of the root ball. Fill a little bit of the loose dirt back into the hole and tuck your plant in so the base of the stem is even with the top of the hole. Now fill in the rest of the soil around the roots, give the soft ground around the base of your new plant friend a few solid pats to compress the soil onto the roots, and a long, gentle drink of water
Where to Plant Find a place that gets a decent amount of shade, with well-draining soil
When to Plant Plant outside in the late spring, once the soil has warmed up. Avoid the heat of the day when planting — plant in the early morning, late afternoon, or by the light of the moon
When to Expect Blooms Early spring through frost
Care Instructions Water regularly
Extra Credit This is a brand new flower to the world and has a lovely scent, ideal for containers
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Ask a Question
  • I live in central Florida. Will the lemon berry begonia survive the hot weather here even after planting in a more shaded area and making sure it isn't drying out?

    Yes! As long as it gets plenty of water and afternoon shade it will do just fine!

  • Hi! What type of Begonia is this? Tuberous, Hardy Tuberous or Wax? I live in zone 8 & would like to try to over-winter mine. Suggestions for how to do this?

    Hi Lauren! Meg the helping friendly Delawarian gardener here! I must confess - I do not know which kind tuber this begonia is. However, I can tell you that I dug mine up, cleaned them off, let them dry for a day, wrapped them in plastic cling wrap, stored them in a drawer in my office, replanted them in the spring, and I got no complaints from them on that plan of action. They came back just fine!

  • Does this come back every year

    Hi there, if you are in a warmer zone (8-10) these will come back but in most other zones we treat it as an annual.