Spring Bloom
Fall Plant

Mini Triandura Thalia Daffodil
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Daffodils wake up early each Spring and there are many varieties that go beyond the friendly yellow bloom we know so well. Richly fragrant, these bulbs will spread out or 'naturalize' over the years.
  • HEIGHT12-14"
  • SPACING3" between bulbs
  • LIGHTFull sun to part-shade
  • ZONEPerennial zones 3-11

  • INCLUDES12 bulbs in a cloth bag, with a wooden plant marker

  • Botanical NameNarcissus
Spring Bloom
Fall Plant


Thalia Daffodils are sometimes called the Orchid of Daffodils, and can be planted anywhere, they don't require a freezing winter to grow! They look like little swans with their thin, pure white petals. The little 2" blooms have a beautiful fragrance and grow about 3-4 per stem.

  • DEER Deer resistant
  • KIDS+PETS Toxic
  • DIFFICULTY Super easy to grow
  • CLIMATE Does not need freezing winter temps to grow
  • WATER Only needs supplemental water in very dry conditions
  • INDOOR+POTS Grows well in containers outside

How to Plant

Dig a hole and tuck your bulb in, pointy side up, about 6" deep. Now give your bulb a good wish, a few solid pats to compress the soil around it, a long drink of water, and wait for Spring.

Where to Plant

Find a place that gets full to part sun, and space bulbs about 3" apart.

When to Plant

Plant in the Fall, anytime before the ground freezes for the last time.

When to Expect Blooms

Mid Spring

Care Instructions

There's really no care involved. Enjoy the blooms? Pick some bouquets?

Extra Credit

Wait for the foliage to wilt and turn yellow before clipping it back, so that the bulb can preserve energy for the next year's blooms.

Mini Triandura Thalia Daffodil

$14.00 $20.00 ( / )