Spring Plant

Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean Seeds
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Ruby Red Hyacinth Beans are a pink and purple marvel of a vine, with plum colored stems, magenta ornamental pea pods, and blooms that range from white with lavender to deep pink. It's an ombre treasure and we're so glad to make it available to you!
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  • HEIGHTVine can grow over 10ft
  • SPACING8" between plants
  • LIGHTFull sun, or part-shade
  • ZONEAnnual zones 2-9, tender perennial zones 10-11

  • INCLUDES10 seeds

  • Botanical NameDolichos lablab
Spring Plant


We love the mocha-bronze tones of this climber, which can grow over 10 ft tall or cover a trellis. The flowers, in addition to being gorgeous, are edible, raw or steamed, and make a great garnish. 

  • DEER Deer resistant
  • KIDS+PETSSeed pods are toxic
  • CLIMATEHappy in the heat
  • WATER Water regularly
  • INDOOR+POTSGrows well in containers with support

How to Plant

Soak seed overnight, then plant 1" deep, spaced 8" apart. Water regularly.

Where to Plant

Find a place with good soil (Sweet Peas have deep roots), that gets a decent amount of sun, and space seeds about 2" apart. Provide the roots with a bit of shade with low growing plants or mulch.

When to Plant

Late spring, when the soil is warm. Sow directly into garden.

When to Expect Blooms

Blooms and seed pods all summer long.

Care Instructions

Climbers! Require support. Water during dry spells. Pick blooms to encourage more.

Extra Credit

Combine with Sweat Pea or Morning Glory for living vine bouquet!

Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean Seeds

$6.00 $0.00 ( / )