Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Plants

Eucalyptus is one of our favorite foliage plants, we love the dusty silver leaves, the spicy fragrance, the geometric growth habit of the leaves, and the way all that structure coincides with a loose bushy plant shape.

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus trees are native to Tasmania where they can grow up to 40ft! Here in the USA, they're grown as a beautiful foliage shrub. Easy going and fast growing, they can be grown indoors or out with enough sun and moist soil (just go big on the pot!)

The crisp, spicy-minty scent is bright and soothing and the silvery leaves are smooth and fleshy to the touch. A stem or two in a bouquet will up your bouq-bouq game every time.

Includes three young plants, grown in 2.5” diameter pots.

Plant Info
Botanical Name
Eucalyptus cinerea
Trees can grow up to 40 ft when full grown, plants put on up to 24" per year
12" between plants
Full sun or part shade
Perennial in zones 8-10, can be brought inside in the winter in other zones
Kids & Pets & Deer
Toxic in large quantities, and Deer Resistant
Drought tolerant
Indoor & Pots
Grows well in large containers outside
Growing Info
How to Plant Dig a hole twice the size of the root ball. Fill a little bit of the loose dirt back into the hole and tuck your plant in so the base of the stem is even with the top of the hole. Now fill in the rest of the soil around the roots, give the soft ground around the base of your new plant friend a few solid pats to compress the soil onto the roots, and a long, gentle drink of water
Where to Plant Find a place that gets a decent amount of sun
When to Plant Plant outside in the spring, After your last frost. Avoid the heat of the day when planting — plant in the early morning, late afternoon, or by the light of the moon
When to Expect Blooms We're here for the foliage!
Care Instructions Water regularly until they get established, and then give them extra water during dry spells
Extra Credit If you're outside of zones 8-10, bring these guys in for a fragrant and sculptural house plant
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  • Conflicting subjects about: will a Silver Dollar Eucalyptus plant survive outdoors in a 7b planting zone? AND wouldn’t river water be better than tap water for irrigation?

    Ah yes. The highly debateble 7B. Climate change has radically challenged what can and cannot overwinter in 7B, but the take away at the moment is this: Do not place a bet on anything, other than native plants.

    Eucalyptus is not native to the USA, so it is a chance you can take to leave it out to overwinter, but survival is not guaranteed.

    Whether river water or tap water is best for watering entirely depends on the quality of the river water vs. the tap water where you live. Certainly, if your river water is not brackish, is clear of runoff from any area farms and urban areas, and can be rerouted to your garden without grid power or disrupting wildlife, then it would be the more green option. If your tap water is well water, I wouldn't overthink it.

  • Hi! I just ordered the eucalyptus plants. I plan on keeping them inside of the house, and was wondering if they do well inside or if I should plant them outside in the spring? If I keep them as indoor plants, what size of pot should I buy? Thanks!

    Hi! In order for your Eucalyptus to thrive, we recommend you plant them outside, (or at least move them outside) where they can receive 6-8 hours of sun-love and also plenty of air circulation. If living indoors, we recommend starting with at least a 12" pot per plant. As your plant grows, you'll want to re-pot it in a larger container every year. Make sure to get a pot with ample drainage and a tray underneath. You'll want to water them your plants throroughly (until the water drains out) and then let the soil go mostly dry between waterings.

  • Does this come as a 3 pack?

    Yes it does! All our spring plants come in packs of 3.