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Sweet Pea Mix Seed Bundle
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Do you have hummingbird neighbors? Well, they're about to be your new best friends, because growing sweet peas is like throwing a party and inviting them all over for bottomless sweetpea-a-ritas.
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  • HEIGHTUp to 7ft high when full grown
  • SPACING6" between plants
  • LIGHTFull sun, or part-shade
  • ZONEAnnual, zones 2-11

  • INCLUDES3 seed tubes: Mammoth Salmon Cream, Miss Willmott, and Old Spice Cupani Sweet Peas

  • Spring Plant


Sweet Pea seeds are fun. They're great for beginners and leisurely gardeners because you just pop them in under a trellis or next to a fence and away they go! Sweet Peas are easy peas-y, (sorry). They're speedy growers and create a zany vertical mesh of brilliantly colored, fluttery blooms that smell amazing. 

Three types of Sweet Pea seed tubes, individually packed in a little cotton bag, perfect for gifting, or keeping your potting bench organized (and stylish). Specific planting instructions are on each individual seed tube, but basic instructions are below.

  • DEER Deer resistant
  • KIDS+PETS Toxic
  • CLIMATE Likes cool soil
  • WATER Water regularly
  • INDOOR+POTSGrows well outdoors in large containers with support

How to Plant

Soak seed for 24 hrs, then plant 1/2" deep, spaced 6" apart. Water regularly.

Where to Plant

They like cool temps, full or part sun, and good soil. Shade the bottom of plant in hot climates.

When to Plant

Early spring, or late fall if winters are mild. Sow directly into garden.

When to Expect Blooms

Early summer.

Care Instructions

Make sure they have something to grow up - a trellis or fence works well. Water regularly. Pick the flowers to encourage more blooms. Prune with snips for a tidier look.

Extra Credit

Sweet Peas are toxic if ingested and their pea pods look like regular, edible peas. Take care with children and pets.

Sweet Pea Mix Seed Bundle

$18.00 $0.00 ( / )